Alliance Volleyball Club

JVA Watch List

March 8, 2022 - Congratulations to our athletes who made the JVA Watch List!

Class of 2022
Maymie Guthrie 
Avery LePore
Jess Perry 
Sanaa Williams
Sagaia Reilly 
Hollye Tate 

Class of 2023
Dylan Sulcer 
Bella LePore 
Elizabeth Alyward 
Peyton Neal 
Mia Reese 
Summer Snead 
Maggie Rickert 
Sydney Bixby 
Zoe Finkler 

Class of 2024
Hannah Tate 
Mackenzie Bidwell 
Tennyson Gorman 
Ava Dumont
Marlee Holden 
Sophie Hynes 
Christina Chen 
Janey Ramsey

Class of 2025
Kaira Knox
Mary Katherine Hall 
Julia Hynes
Ava Sulcer
Ruby Walton
Callie Cummins
​Ashlyn White