Alliance Volleyball Club

Nashville Open 2021

Expect registration to become available October 1 for 2021 events!

Team Travel Source is the EXCLUSIVE housing partner for Alliance Volleyball! They have worked hard to secure the best hotel rooms with the lowest rates for teams, coaches, and attendees!

We offer live streaming services through BallerTV for Nashville Open 

215 Gothic Court, Franklin TN 37067 - TOA, formerly known as A-Game

Waves for all of our tournaments will be released the weekend prior to the event.

Schedules for all of our tournaments will be released the Tuesday prior to the event. 

No outside food or drink are permitted at any of our venues. 

Seating is limited at the Alliance Training Center. We politely ask our visitors and families to vacate courts their teams are not actively playing on. 

Outside chairs with rubber feet are permitted at the Alliance Training Center. If the chair does not have a soft compound, you may be asked to remove your chair. 

Parking is limited at the Alliance Training Center. We recommend carpooling as much as possible. 

Event Policy

Alliance Tournament Formatting, Covid Policies and General Information
Event Formatting
Alliance has been working with our SRVA ?Region and head officials to approve a modified event format ?for all Alliance hosted events. Alliance feels this ?new format maximizes the health and safety of all attendees without impacting ?the number of matches played. 
Alliance is formatting events to eliminate officiating teams and "off" teams. This format will reduce the number of attendees in the facility by 50%, and limit unnecessary interactions between pools, brackets, and divisions. Teams will each have a flipchart to keep up with the score. Up officials will be provided a modified scoresheet to track rotation, substitutions, and score while on the stand. Alliance will hire official bookkeepers for ?all championship matches. 

To the best of our ability, Alliance will be formatting pool play with 4 team pools played on 2 courts simultaneously. Teams will check-in, warm-up, play three matches in a row, and then exit the facility immediately after they have finished pool play. This will allow the facility ?to be sanitized via electrostatic sprayer before the next wave enters the gym.


On Sundays, Alliance is scheduling 15 min between each bracket to minimize contact between brackets and other divisions. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment while doing our best to provide a full tournament experience; 5 matches over 2 days including pool and bracket play. 


  • Teams will only warm-up for the first match. There will be no warm-up for ?the second or third matches of pool play.
  • There will be no tiebreaking sets. ?Seeding for bracket play will be determined ?by: Matches won > Sets won > Point Percentage > Coin Flip
  • Teams may be asked to move divisions to fit the event format. Alliance anticipates teams dropping for Covid related issues; Alliance appreciates your patience as we work through hosting events in an unprecedented time. 
Covid Policies
  • TOA and Alliance will follow all local and CDC Guidelines - Alliance will modify Covid protocols based on changing guidelines.
  • Game balls will be sanitized and rotated between every match
  • Alliance is only permitting 2 spectators per athlete on the roster.
  • Masks must be worn by all persons except for players during gameplay. Masks must be worn on the bench.
  • Alliance reserves the right to immediately remove spectators, players, coaches and teams who do not follow our masking policies. 
  • Spectators must sit together ?with their own team
  • Teams may not check in more than 30 minutes before start time
  • All attendees will have their temperature taken at the door - Alliance will not permit anyone who has a temperature above 100.4° F (38° C) entry
General event information 
  • Admission is $8 per day or $15 for the weekend
  • Outside chairs must have rubber feet so as not to damage the floors
  • Team Travel Source is Alliance's exclusive housing partner. None of Alliance's events are stay-to-play. Alliance works with Team Travel Source to provide an easy and reliable way to book hotels for our events.
  • There are two concession stands available at TOA in the lobby, outside food and drinks are not permitted in the building
  • Doors will open at 7:00 am on Saturday and Sunday
  • All parking is free
  • A certified Athletic Trainer will be provided at TOA - starting at 7am on Saturday to the conclusion of the event on Sunday.
  • Waves will be communicated the weekend before the event and schedules will be posted by the Tuesday prior to the event.*
*Please Note: With expected team movement, Alliance reserves the right to post ?the event schedule up to Thursday night prior to the event